Children's Ministry



We want kids to Know, Grow, and Show CHRIST'S LOVE!

New Creation Fellowship Children’s Ministry Commitment

The Children’s ministry, through the guidance and strength of God, commit to teach the children in a way that kids will come to know, love, and serve Him. Our ministry provides programs and events to glorify God in an environment that guides kids to a lasting relationship with Him. We seek to minister to each child. Knowing that each child is unique and that God has gifted them to learn differently, we provide memorable and creative bible lessons and activities for kids at their biblical learning level.

♦   Children’s Church is every Sunday during both services, 9:00am & 11:00am   ♦


A G E   G R O U P S

    -His Littlest Onez (Babies through 1 year):

Babies will play, be loved, and hear a bible story each week in the nursery.

    -His Little Onez (2 & 3 Year Old Class):

This class learns that God made, loves and is with each of them, and wants to hear their prayers. We teach them stories from the bible and that Jesus died for them.

    -His Little Wonderz (Preschool & Kindergarten Class):

This class will learn the same as the younger kids and will begin to memorize scripture and apply God’s Word to their lives. We focus on Salvation in Christ, obedience to God, and the Bible as Truth.

    -His Kidz (1st- 4th graders):

We build on the objectives of the younger classes and teach the kids how to navigate their bibles and to seek God’s will for their lives. There is deeper teaching on making the decision, sharing their faith, and Christian disciplines such as bible reading, prayer, and serving.

    -Breakaway (5th and 6th graders):

This class will learn the same as the other classes with more of a focus on preparing them for middle school and making their faith their own. The beginnings of Bible study, accountability, and true dependence on God is regularly discussed, as well as praying for each other in quiet time and out loud. 

If you would like more information on the Children's Ministry, please contact Deb Thompson at or (509) 999-1163.