NCF Building Together Newsletter  Issue 2  December 2016

Dear NCF Family,

We would like to give you a project update on the new on-site NCF facility campaign!

We are excited to announce that the name of our new building project and campaign is called 'Building Together'!  That is the heart of the project, that together we will build something new that honors God and helps us carry out our mission more effectively.  Our building team is comprised of Rich Dahm, Jason Ramey, Brandon O'Neil, Vilho Tuomala (all who bring a different professional aspect of construction to the team) as well as Pastor Marc.  The building team is now reaching the final stages of our interior and exterior design for the building!  We anticipate that this stage will be completed in January and we look forward to sharing a video of the building design with you in the first quarter of 2017!

As your pastor, I want to clarify that our goal for this building project is to provide an efficient building for our current and future need of our church family.  We value the community we have built and we have no desire to grow into a large disconnected church.  We are committed to continue as a hospitable place where everyone feels welcome and part of the family at NCF.  We feel like our new facility will meet these needs and provide for enhanced fellowship and discipleship.

The actual "Building Together" campaign will run from January to April and during that time we will be in contact with every one of you to share more about the campaign and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  Please be in prayer as to how God might be leading you to respond.  We are hoping that every member of our community will be a part of making this vision a reality to the glory of God.

We have also created a Prayer Team that will be devoted to consistent and regular prayer for our "Building Together" project!  If you would like to be a part of this team, please contact Barry Starkey at 981-9187 or

Finally, we are looking forward to beginning the Dave Ramsey series on stewardship in January...more details to come!

Blessings to you all!

Pastor Marc