NCF Building Together Newsletter  Issue 4  July 2017

Dear NCF Family,

Our building together campaign is in full swing!

To those that may not know, the goal of our campaign is to build a larger sanctuary, bigger foyer, dedicated youth center and free up more space for our children’s programs on Sunday morning.

After the bidding process we now have a very close estimate of $1.8 million dollars for the cost of our new building.  The exciting news is that we have already received $1.1 million dollars in gifts and pledges!  We need to raise $700,000 to reach our new target.  Over the last 5 years, NCF has budgeted a payment for a loan of about $400,000, which means we still need to raise $300,000.  We have 2 ways to raise the remaining funds.  First, we invite those that have not pledged to do so because every dollar counts.  To make a pledge please contact the NCF Office and ask for a pledge packet.  Secondly, those that have pledged for 3 years, have the option of increasing their pledge to 4 years and that would substantially move us closer to the $300,000.  Please email or call the NCF Office to let us know of your intention of adding a 4th year.

In September, we as a church need to decide if we are going to move forward with the Building Together project.  This will allows us to finalize bids this winter and ensure breaking of ground in the Spring of 2018.

If you not have already begun giving your 2017 pledges, please consider starting as soon as possible.  The more money we can raise on the front end, the easier the process will be.

Thank you to all who have pledged a gift and please be in prayer for this project.

Blessings to you all,

Pastor Marc